Save Your Blushes


Sex has always been something quite important to me.  It is something that everyone around the world can relate to whether it is in a positive or negative way.  If a person has never had sex before, they most likely know about it or will know about it later on in life; it makes no difference what race, gender or sexuality we are. Many people think about sex in some way, several times a day throughout their lives.

Sexual experiences can differ greatly. It can be a quick exciting moment of passion with someone they hardly know, and may never see again, making it fun and exciting or it could be a romantic night with someone they are in love with and can feel all the intense emotions of loving that person.

Sex is not always a pleasurable experience and could even be forced. Some people can be addicted to sex and can’t help but put themselves in vulnerable and sometimes dangerous situations.  I don’t think we have a choice in the people we fall for whether it is due to feelings of lust, desire or love.  Sex is a result of a powerful, natural compulsion.


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